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Fog Cannon protects your business, your home, your assets, and possibly your life against after-hour burglaries, as well as daytime robberies, by filling any enclosed or semi-enclosed area with a
dense impenetrable fog in a matter of seconds.

This creates a harmless smoke screen system that will instantly obscure your stock, cash, computers, servers, office equipment and other valuables from sight in a matter of seconds, thereby making it impossible for burglars to steal or vandalise anything and, where appropriate, providing protection until your armed response arrives.

out of sight, out of harm!! 

The above phrase typifies this highly effective loss prevention system. In contrast to surveillance cameras and other similar deterrents, fog security is a Pro-Active Preventative Solution, which stops the burglar/robber in his tracks, obscures items from sight literally within seconds, and makes theft of your assets virtually impossible. This forces the burglar to exit the building immediately, thereby preventing loss, vandalism, assault and further damage, using a "FOG Cannon","Smoke Cannon", or "FOG Protection"..Call it what you may!


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What burglars cannot see, they cannot steal!


Warehouse - Protect - Security fog protectionSecurity fog protection in small as well as large spaces

There are practically no limits to which valuables and spaces can be protected by our fog security system. Every day, our Fog Cannons secure the assets of companies of various sizes in more than a 140 countries globally against major losses, high insurance claims & premiums, as well as trauma caused by burglaries, robberies and vandalism.

The fog used resembles smoke, but unlike smoke, the fog is completely safe and harmless to humans, animals, electronic equipment and office furnishings. Approximately 1 hour after an activation has occurred, there will be no evidence that the Fog Cannon has been discharged, with no unpleasant smells or residues. Furthermore, our Fog Cannons have safeguards that prevent the fog from being accidently activated, and the entire system can be monitored and managed in realtime to provide peace of mind and security.

bridging the gap between the incident and the reaction

A Fog Cannon linked to a Burglar Alarm is best


With and without fog - new

Burglars today are wiser, tougher and far more calculating than what they were just a few years ago. When burglars trigger an alarm system and hear the activated alarm siren, they are fully aware that it usually takes between 10 and 30 minutes (or sometimes more) for the Armed Reaction Services to arrive on the scene. Experience shows that a burglar only needs between 2 - 8 minutes to break into the premises and make off with your valuables. So, whilst a burglar alarm system is good to sound the alert, and to mobilise the reaction, if you enhance your alarm system with fog protection, you instantly provide your premises with an automatic self-defence system pending the arrival of the cavalry.

Can the burglar not simply wait until the fog clears?

The answer to this question is a straightforward NO. Each Fog Cannon is equipped with a 1.1 litre (or 2.2 litre for warehouse applications) fog fluid container which allows for anything from 8 - 32 seperate activations (dependant on the size of the unit being used, and the room volume being protected). The unit will continue to trigger as long as the burglar attempts to re-enter the premises, alternatively the unit can be set to pulse-mode, which will automatically top-up fog levels from time to time.


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A living way to have explained what fog security is and how efficient it is to prevent crime. 

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2 + 3 year warranty2 + 3 Years Warranty 

You get 5 years warranty on all our Fog Cannons sold after 1 July 2012
and which are registered on our website just after the installation.


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PROTECT Fog Cannon makes a welcome return to South Africa, and now has a presence Nationally through various partners. 

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